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Knowing guitar chord theory allows you to play any chord anywhere on the fretboard quickly and effeciently. It is the foundation for playing error-free solos. This website gives you crucial information and introduces you to a system that allows you to get the most out of your practicing, playing, and performing.

Stop Looking Up Chords
Dictionaries, sheets, charts, and finders are an excellent first step but they are only as good as your memory. These reference devices are especially good for beginner guitarists who want to learn a few shapes but unless they teach you how they are made you will be relying on your sometimes-not-so-good memory. It is a rare musician who can remember 432 shapes in 12 different keys making a total of 5,184. Whew!

Play like you mean it!
The Path to Error-Free Soloing
When you understand the science of chord construction, your playing will be more artful, expressive, and professional. Knowing chord construction and function is critical to the songwriter and improvisor. Applying a few simple chord techniques gives a song harmonic movement and is the key to error-free soloing. Other benefits of knowing chord theory include being able to pick out melodies by ear and copying songs. In fact, you'll be able to tell whether Jonny Buckland of Coldplay actually copied Joe Satriani and why.

On This Site You Will Find...
This website is loaded with charts, worksheets, diagrams, and how-to instructions. Feel free to jump in anywhere you like. However, if you want a step-by-step method to guide you along that's available too. The navigation tabs in the left column introduce you to techniques, chord charts, guitar chord theory concepts, and other information that will allow you to play any chord on demand.